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What Is Musica Athletica?

Imagine the stirring clang and ping of a cimbalom bounding through the darkness to jolt the audience with mesmerizing anticipation. Soon, piano, drum, and cello combine to create the unmistakable sound that is cordis. The music encompasses the hall with haunting, cutting edge chamber music that sparks the imagination. As the lights splash onto the stage the dancers come into view. Their extraordinary athletic bodies in a mien of sublime beauty begin to move to the thrilling syncopated, mystical variance of cordis' compositions. The combination of music, dance and light holds the audience in blissful wonderment.

Musica Athletica is an innovative experience of sight and sound that combines contemporary dance with live music, creating fully-immersive, multi-sensory experiences unlike any other you’ve ever experienced.

As the cordis music is exalted throughout the hall, the audience grasps that this is a unique experience. That the description of cordis as chamber music is only in the scope of the classical instruments and size of the group and not the sounds they expound. As the dancers leap and bound, and lift and pirouette the true meaning of Athletica strikes a chord. The pure strength and skill needed to exhibit such athleticism takes the breath away from the audience. Cheers rise up with each unimaginable feat of dance timed perfectly to the building exuberance of each masterful sound. The audience is exhausted and exhilarated at the conclusion of the incredible performance

You will find that the combination of Lehrer dance and cordis is a precedence of excellence that you will want to have at your venue over and over again. The unique collaboration may be a rare assemblage, but not one that will soon be forgotten.


A Sparkling Distortion Of Chamber Music

cordis has been fusing an original combination of custom-made and traditional, ethnic instruments to create their signature sound since 2007. Nearly a decade later, this sparkling distortion of progressive chamber music is defined by the talents of electric cimbalomist (and founder/composer) Richard Grimes, multi-percussionist Andrew Beall, electro-acoustic cellist Jeremy Harman and pianist/keyboardist Dan Padgett. The group further crafts their sound by weaving the unlikely timbre of electric mbiras, modified typewriters, pitched wind tubes, 19th-century talking machines and the world’s longest-playing cylinder-driven music box into the mix.
The Boston-based group borders on a gritty rock/punk aesthetic, but because the members are all classically trained with histories steeped in chamber music, the resulting sound is not postured on loud and fast, but rather more developed and cerebral. Time Out New York said “(cordis) makes a strong case for both sides of its musical personality — expanding the boundaries of chamber music.” NewMusicBox.com concurs saying, “cordis offers an intriguing mix of instrumentation, and Grimes uses them well to show off his unique perspective on 21st Century chamber music.” With recent appearances on National Public Radio (NPR), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), and Public Radio International (PRI), both fans and critics alike have received the group with marked enthusiasm.

Lehrer Dance

innovative styles of movement

LehrerDance is an exciting and innovative professional dance company based in Buffalo, NY. Under the direction of Jon Lehrer, the company showcases Jon’s unique choreography and embodies his definitive style. Jon’s extensive background in both the modern and jazz dance idioms fosters choreography that is organic, artistic, accessible and often humorous, reflecting life experience and the human condition.

The LEHRER DANCE style is based on three main elements of movement: Circularity, 3-Dimensionality, and Momentum. These combine to create a form that is best described as “Organically Athletic”, integrating the approach and fluidity of modern dance with the excitement and energy of jazz dance to create an expressive, engrossing style of movement. “A small enviable team of dynamite Buffalo dancers” (Chicago Tribune), LEHRER DANCE is comprised of eight individuals who bring their own unique skills to the LEHRER DANCE vernacular, keeping it fresh and evolving.

LEHRER DANCE began in 2007 and has already received much international attention and critical acclaim. The company tours extensively, bringing their trademark athletic style to audiences worldwide. LEHRER DANCE toured to Europe in 2013, and will return in 2016,. The company was brought to Russia in 2012, 2013, 2014, and will return in 2016. The tours to Russia were sponsored by the US Consulate, Vladivostok in order to, as they put it, “Bring the best in American modern dance to the people of Vladivostok, Russia.”

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